Federal Resources

American Rescue Plan Federal Investment Guide (Nowak Lab, 2021):

This report lists discrete investments in the April 2021 ARPA and provides explanations of its formulas, competitive funds, individual relief, capital products, and reimbursement and public procurement programs.

Infrastructure Bill Federal Investment Guide Nowak Lab, 2021):

This report lists discrete investments in the November 2021 Infrastructure Bill and provides explanations of its program and funding categories, six strategies for transformation, key federal contracts, reauthorized programs, new programs, and other programs.

Economic Development Integration Resource (Economic Development Administration):

This site lists a variety of federal economic development funding resources, which includes funding opportunities, programs information, a federal economic development resources matrix and a selection of open opportunities for economic development.

Guidebook to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (White House, 2022):

This is the most comprehensive guide to the infrastructure bill published during the final week of January.

Native Initiatives, Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (Department of Treasury):

This site provides an overview of the now-closed program for CDFI’s. To be eligible for CDFI, organizations must have at least 50% of their activities serving Native Americans, Alaska Natives, and/or Native Hawaiian communities. (This program concluded in May 2021.)

Localizing the State Small Business Credit Initiative (Nowak Metro Finance Lab):

A report by the Nowak Metro Finance Lab on how local leaders can leverage the SSBCI for inclusive entrepreneurship.

Private Capital in Innovation

UK innovation strategy (UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, 2021):

Beginning on page 25, this article provides an explainer of private investment challenges for small businesses, and narrates the UK’s approach to addressing them.