America Achieves supports the creation and dissemination of tools and resources that leverage the learnings from the development and successes of our initiatives. We are also focused on identifying, creating and sharing tools and resources that communicate and generate support of the need for a higher educational bar for all students.

Resources for Parents

Family involvement in education matters a lot for student success. Every parent wants to do what’s best for their child’s education. But between work and the responsibilities of raising a family, we could all use a little help helping our children succeed. Raise the Bar is an initiative designed and led by active parents to help parents raise the bar for their children’s education. We’re piloting online tools connecting parents with useful resources and other parents.

Resources for Teachers and Principals

America Achieves has produced a robust College and Career Ready Website offering video modules to help teachers prepare to transition to the Common Core. The videos, developed in response to teachers’ request for concrete examples of how to implement the new standards, feature live examples of teachers integrating the new standards in classrooms from elementary through high school.

Resources for District Leaders

In a series of reports on building Promising Practices, America Achieves is showcasing what’s working in U.S. education and highlighting how schools, educators, and communities are working together to better prepare students for success in college, careers, and citizenship. Reports include:

Resources for Policy Makers

Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A’s, transformed baseball by ignoring the scouts and using data to build championship contending teams despite limited budgets. Moneyball for Government, a project of Results for America, encourages governments at all levels to increase their use of evidence and data when investing limited taxpayer dollars. By playing Moneyball, we can improve outcomes for young people, their families and communities. Results for America also offers reports for policy makers in their Invest in What Works Policy Series.

Tools for Designing Performance-Based Principal Evaluation Systems

America Achieves has partnered with experts including New Leaders to facilitate the development of cutting-edge tools and resources that states and districts can use to evaluate the effectiveness of principals in producing outstanding outcomes for America’s youth. Among the components of this tool kit are: principal performance evaluation rubrics, recommendations on the content of data dashboards, and guides and training modules for implementing new performance review systems.

Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence

America Achieves is supporting the Aspen Prize, a program offered by the Aspen Institute to honor high-achieving community colleges for their successes in student learning outcomes, college completion, and labor market success leading to jobs and equitable opportunities. This prize is helping America Achieves highlight some of the key levers that contribute to outstanding educational outcomes in post-secondary education.