The ChallengeThe U.S. is not adequately preparing its young people to succeed in our fast-changing world.

While young people in the U.S. are completing high school and college at record levels, we've fallen from first in the world to 22nd and 13th on these measures. Our gains have not kept pace with leading countries or the higher skill bar needed for success in today's world. Success in the 21st century requires higher levels of education, deeper learning, and the ability to apply skills to solve real world problems.

Finding SolutionsAmerica Achieves in Action

We back the initiatives of outstanding leaders with game-changing ideas to improve how we prepare young people for success. We catalyze impact in three areas.

How America Achieves Accelerates Success

We catalyze large scale impact by identifying and supporting outstanding leaders with game-changing ideas, and matching them with results-orientated funding, and strategic and operational support.

Expanding Opportunity for young Americans to get the education and preparation they need to succeed and lead

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