Rebecca is the Founder & CEO of Merit America, which is building a new pathway from low-skill work to upwardly-mobile careers for the 100M+ Americans who do not have college degrees – a pathway that neither requires years to complete nor results in crushing debt, and that effectively meets the changing needs of American employers.

Merit America is focused on 1) partnering with employers to map their high-demand roles to specific skills, while securing priority hiring commitments; 2) operating learning programs to teach those needed skills through a blend of existing online coursework and in-person support; and 3) recruiting candidates without college degrees to their learning programs, focusing on diverse learners who have demonstrated potential.

Prior to founding Merit America, Rebecca built and led Coursera’s Government & Nonprofit team, overseeing 50+ partnerships reaching tens of thousands of learners. Previously, she was Education Advisor to Governor Markell (Delaware), Chief Performance Officer at the Delaware DOE and a consultant at McKinsey. Rebecca received her BA in Political Science from Yale and an MBA & MA in Education from Stanford.