Danyelle Murray is the Director of Community Engagement for GripTape — an initiative that supports youth to lead and develop their own unique approach to learning. With a decade of experience working in higher education and nonprofit organizations, Danyelle sees value in empowering others to find their “spark” and make a difference in their lives and within their communities. Over the years, she has supported several youth who faced a myriad of challenges in overcoming the odds. In doing so, she realized her passion was not simply guiding them through an admissions process to enter college, but rather it was helping young adults identify their highest aspirations and develop a plan to accomplish them. Danyelle enjoys building relationships and forming uplifting, supportive spaces and has the opportunity to do just that within GripTape’s adult volunteer and youth communities. A native New Yorker, she prides herself on being an advocate for youth voice, social justice, and equity in education. She is now a Maryland resident who is excited to explore her new city and always spinning the globe looking for a new country to venture to!