Organization Description

America Achieves’ strategic focus and mission is to create clear pathways for economic advancement and success for all in a rapidly changing economy. We aim to create a shared understanding of the challenge and the range of potential solutions to ensure Americans can obtain the education and skills they need to be successful in the 21st century workplace. We catalyze large-scale impact by generating, supporting, and in some cases and incubating high-potential ideas and initiatives, delivering thought partnership and philanthropic funding to promising and scalable models for impact, and convening and advising public sector leaders, foundations and other key leaders to incubate, accelerate and scale evidence-based partnerships and solutions.

Since 2020, America Achieves has leveraged our organization, track record, capacity, networks, and expertise to focus  on shaping the design and use of federal and state funding  to address the COVID-19 crisis and invest in long-term rebuilding and recovery. Our work is to offer public policy options and to leverage best-in-class expertise–as well as  leverage philanthropy and a network of leaders and experts to support the design and implementation of large-scale federal initiatives to advance economic and educational opportunity. This includes moving current and potential workers – especially from underserved backgrounds – into good jobs and upwardly mobile careers.  It also often includes work in advancing educational opportunity – including attaining the credentials, degrees, and skills needed for upwardly mobile middle-skill jobs as the economy recovers.

Competitive Advantage and Equity Coalition Program

Working with the Department of Commerce and partners, America Achieves is leading technical assistance with a coalition of economic development experts to all 60 finalists of the Build Back Better Regional Challenge. The Coalition’s vision is that within ten years, 20-30 regions across the country have demonstrated transformative, sustainable economic growth that produces equitable outcomes through significant expansion of quality jobs with upward opportunity and increased competitive advantage throughout the region, and that the learnings from these regions are then being successfully applied by other regions across the country, for shared prosperity and growth. To achieve this vision, The Coalition, from January 1st through March 15th, 2022 is charged with:

  • Providing practical, unparalleled value in moving regions from decent or good to great applications in which regions are exceptionally well prepared to maximize the impact of the BBBRC opportunity;
  • Ensuring Phase 1 Grantees have both the general and the individualized, project-specific technical assistance they need to move from good to great; 

Beyond March 15th and through September 2022, The Coalition will help EDA connect significant follow-on resources from aligned federal agencies and philanthropy to support the BBBRC applicant community, and work with applicants to tap these resources; inform and leverage philanthropic funding, public financing and private investment in high-value investment opportunities, especially with regard to advancing equity centered processes and outcomes, thus catalyzing private investment for both Phase 2 Grantees and potentially, for other regions across the country.

Open Positions

Philanthropy Manager – Part-time temporary position

The Philanthropy Manager responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct landscape analysis of prospective funders in 60 application regions 
  • Draft summary and pitch documents articulating themes and best practices to elevate and connect funders with applicant teams
  • Work with the CEO and Project lead to lay groundwork and ongoing engagement with key funders and prospective donors.
  • Work with the CEO and Project lead in the development  of strategy for engaging funders to partner with Commerce and America Achieves in the build back better work
  • Help engage foundations staff – and maintain working relationships as begin to establish partnerships 

Qualifications include:

  • Strong familiarity with the Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Build Back Better Regional Economic Challenge. 
  • Experience supporting rural, urban, cross-regional economic growth that is transformative and equity centered
  • Working knowledge of national and regional foundations focused on equitable economic growth
  • Track record of working effectively with philanthropic leaders and public officials to drive long term funding opportunities.

Interested parties should send resumes to:


Technical Assistance (“TA”) Expert/Advisor – Part-time temporary positions

America Achieves is seeking to engage contractors to provide the following services:

  • Serve as TA expert for Coalition, point of contact for selected regions focused on urban growth/equity
  • Participation in meetings with each applicant team and asynchronous feedback, including redlining of applications and identification of resources/case studies
  • Participate in weekly check-in calls with Coalition and TA firms
  • Consultant/informant on calibration process

Qualifications include:

  • Strong familiarity with the Economic Development Administration’s (EDA) Build Back Better Regional Economic Challenge. 
  • Experience supporting rural, urban, cross-regional economic growth that is transformative and equity centered
  • Expertise in policies, programs, and conditions that drive  long-term sectoral growth.
  • Track record of driving or contributing to systems change through effective governance, coalitions, and strategic, data driven, economic development.

Interested parties should send resumes to:


Project Coordinator – Part-time temporary positions

America Achieves is seeking to engage a contractor to work closely with senior leaders at America Achieves, and also with coalition team members, regional teams, and expert consultants in the field to orchestrate a complex and high stakes matchmaking experience for regional teams to be paired with national experts for technical assistance as regions race towards a tight timeline for a major federal grant application.  The project coordinator will develop and oversee the project plan (with close guidance from AA leadership), weekly goals and milestones, and regular check-ins to ensure coalition partners are moving in an aligned and coordinated fashion towards bold and courageous outcomes.  Additionally, this person will take on various administrative tasks associated with the project’s success, including scheduling of key meetings, event planning, design and implementation of document organization and retention process, and coordination of project wide initiatives including webinars, website updates, team-wide reporting, etc.

Qualifications include:

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize and maintain multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to set and adhere to strict deadlines; comfort working in an ever-shifting entrepreneurial environment
  • Experience working with federal grants 
  • Experience coordinating complex projects across many different audiences, including public agencies and nonprofit organizations.
  • Confidence in navigating Gsuite and building project management tools

Interested parties should send resumes to:

Equal Opportunity Employment & Commitment to Diversity

America Achieves is an equal opportunity employer, and actively encourages people from minority groups and diverse backgrounds to apply for positions at our organization.