We built an action tank to make direct impact and inform systemic change.

Incubate and Scale Promising Initiatives:

  • Identify leaders with extremely strong track records
  • Give them opportunity in-house to create and build programs, teams, and initiatives
  • Provide funding and other targeted support—including helping to recruit leadership teams, form key partnerships, and developing evaluation plans
  • Support an effective spin-off once an initiative is ready to be its own sustainable, effective non-profit or become a long-standing program within another established non-profit

Distill and Share Knowledge and Ideas:

  • Advise leading foundations on their philanthropic strategy 
  • Convene top leaders and facilitate learning sessions
  • Advise superintendents and other educational leaders on systems change strategy. We leverage our educator fellows to inform this work. 
  • Write and publish articles with recommendations and guidance for overall priorities, public policy, and philanthropy