Investing in What Works

Today, many public programs and funds are based on inputs rather than on evidence about what works. We have begun to address this problem by supporting the bipartisan Results for America Coalition, which has already helped shift over $2 billion in federal funding to an evidenced based approach. Learn more about Results for America initiative.


Expanding College Access and Success

Over 95 percent of good jobs created in the U.S. since 2010 have required a degree beyond high school. Yet, higher education in America today may be expanding rather than reducing gaps between the wealthy and their lower and middle income peers. We have begun to address this problem, supporting College Point and Braven as they equip nearly 200,000 low and moderate income students with college degrees, key skills, and networks to help them lead and land good jobs. Learn more about our College Access and Success and Braven initiatives.


Accelerating Academic Excellence

U.S. students and educators have been moving ahead educationally – while falling behind. A higher bar and deeper learning is needed for career and life success in a dramatically changed economy and information age. We have begun to help teachers, principals and superintendents committed to a higher bar by creating educator fellowships, professional learning communities and useful benchmarking tools. Grounded in the belief that youth are critical agents in their own learning and development, we also work to build an ecosystem in which youth have the opportunities, resources and tools to be inventors, designers and producers of their own paths to success. Moving forward, we seek scaleable models and solutions to help America’s students and educators set and clear a higher bar by taking responsibility for solving challenging, real-world problems. Read more about our Global Learning Network, Teacher and Principal Fellowship, Learner Agency, and Raise the Bar Parents initiatives.

The Latest News

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