At America Achieves, our vision is that one day every young person in the U.S. gets access to a world-class education and has the opportunity to lead and succeed in a changing world.

Our approach is unique: we act as a non-profit accelerator, identifying and supporting exceptional innovators and educators with potentially game changing ideas in our three areas of focus so that young Americans can get the education and preparation they need to succeed in a changing world.

We provide our outstanding leaders with strategic advice, operational and management support, and match them to aligned, results-oriented philanthropic funding. America Achieves initiatives and leaders seek out and benefit from a broad community of innovators, philanthropic leaders, educators and other experts.

We work with our innovators and educators as they grow their idea from concept to reality – and ensure they are on a path not only for success, but success at scale. We focus on initiatives that have the chance not just to be successful programs but to change systems, large scale institutions and/or policy to help young people succeed.

The types of initiatives America Achieves looks to grow are also somewhat untraditional. We understand that the causes behind the problems in education are complex, and large scale solutions most often require work on multiple fronts, sometimes simultaneously. For example, a single successful program or school might very effectively address the needs of a particular group of students, but to grow to serve students at much larger scale with the same needs may require policy changes; coalitions of key stakeholder groups including educators, principals, families, superintendents, and policy makers; engagement with colleges or employers; and even shifts in government funding.

America Achieves supports outstanding leaders who are targeting changes to benefit children and young at a systemic level and spread the good insights and practices from their work.

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Powerful Ideas Transformative Entreprenuers
  • Potential for significant impact
  • Well-defined problem for which no successful model exists
  • Overlooked by other entrepreneurs
  • Requires a systemic approach – one that moves beyond solely programmatic solutions
  • Includes stakeholder engagement
  • Potential for significant impact
  • Exceptional leadership ability
  • Powerful new insights and approaches
  • Innovative solutions that attack critical problems
  • Appetite for intensive engagement


“It is no longer sufficient simply to scale up what works in an incremental manner…. Taking ‘what works’ to transformative scale will be the defining challenge of the sector in the coming decade.” – Jeffrey Bradach and Abe Grindle, Bridgespan, Spring 2014

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