Sheri is Director of Data & Operations for America Achieves Fellowship for Teachers and Principals. Sheri began her career in education in 2007 as a high school math teacher in Washington, D.C. While teaching, Sheri served as a teacher leader in her school by heading the math department, founding an international club for students, and founding a faculty community committee for colleagues. Prior to joining the America Achieves team, Sheri was on the Policy Team at Teach Plus and worked in teacher selection at The New Teacher Project. Sheri earned a B.A. in Economics from the University of Michigan, and an M.A. in Education from American University. In her spare time, Sheri can be found on her yoga mat, enjoying the outdoors, or baking something sweet in the kitchen.

Q & A

What draws you to the work of America Achieves?
I wholeheartedly believe in America Achieves’ mission and can’t wait to see the day when every child in the country has access to an excellent education that prepares him or her for success in college, careers, and citizenship. Furthermore, it is integral that educators are invited to the table when decisions are being made about their classrooms and students, and I love connecting teachers with policymakers and other stakeholders.

What do we most need to focus on to improve the lives of America’s youth?
We need to continue with Common Core implementation and call on teachers, the experts, to develop their peers and weigh-in on curriculum and assessment decisions. In order to help elevate the profession, we also need to evaluate and rethink educator preparation programs, licensure requirements, teacher career ladders, and compensation structures.