Paris Scott is the Development Systems Coordinator for America Achieves. Prior to joining America Achieves, she served as a law clerk at CAIR, and a student attorney at the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office. After realizing her true passions were oriented towards legislative and policy work, she spent time fundraising for a state political campaign which inevitably led her to Washington, DC. Paris is a proud graduate of Emory University and the University of Wisconsin Law School, and spends the majority of her free time in search of international travel.

What draws you to the work of America Achieves?

My background is the blended result of my dedication to the field of international human rights and social affairs. Across its various initiatives, America Achieves has identified crucial pockets within the country where outcomes for our youth are good, but not great. Being a part of an organization that strives to push this needle forward is equally rewarding as it is empowering.

What do we most need to focus on to improve the lives of America’s youth?

In order to ensure the world is a better place for all, we must certify that future generations are properly equipped with the tools to succeed in life. In recognizing that “success” is not an easily quantifiable entity, the one crucial element that cannot be missing in that equation is the existence of and access to impactive and meaningful education.