Keep high standards alive

In my experience as a math teacher for 15 years at Basalt Middle School, I have taught many different students and can probably tell you 42 different ways that someone might use the Pythagorean theorem. I can also tell you that parents who are involved in their students’ education and have high expectations for learning […]

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Test lets Wisconsin schools see how they stack up internationally

It’s been known for a while that U.S. students trail their counterparts in some other countries on academic performance measures. But some Wisconsin high schools are actually performing above the level of the highest-performing “economy” in the world — Shanghai, China — according to results from an international exam. Last spring, almost 300 high schools, […]

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PISA exam, tested in Blue Valley schools, goes deeper than rankings

American schools, by holding steady on international test scores released today, are falling further behind the world’s top-performing countries in reading, science and especially math. While alarms sound across the country about the state of U.S. education, voices from all directions are stressing that it is not the rankings that matter, but how school systems […]

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