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Moneyball for Government

By playing Moneyball for government, we can improve outcomes for young people, their families and communities.

Results for AmericaMoneyball for Government

Moneyball for Government encourages government at all levels to help improve outcomes for young people, their families, and their communities by:

  • Building evidence about the practices, policies, and programs that will achieve the most effective and efficient results so that policymakers can make better decisions;
  • Investing limited taxpayer dollars in practices, policies and programs that use data, evidence, and evaluation to demonstrate they work; and
  • Directing funds away from practices, policies, and programs that consistently fail to achieve measurable outcomes.

What Works Cities

We lead cities across America that are using data and evidence to improve results for their residents.

Results for AmericaWhat Works Cities

What Works Cities, a three-year Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative, is helping mayors and local leaders use data and evidence to engage the public, make government more effective, and improve people’s lives. What Works Cities will deliver expert technical assistance to participating cities. The program of support will help cities:

  • Create sustainable open data programs that promote transparency and robust citizen engagement;
  • Better incorporate data into budget, operational, and policy decision making;
  • Conduct low-cost, rapid evaluations that allow cities to continually improve programs; and
  • Focus funding on the most effective and high-impact approaches for addressing community needs.

Results for America was launched and incubated within America Achieves over a 4-year period.   Results for America (RFA) helps policymakers at all levels of government harness the power of evidence and data to solve the world’s great challenges.

Over a four year period, Results for America went from being a concept to a leading voice in advancing and driving evidence-based policy change.

Notably, Results for America worked closely with both Republican and Democratic members of Congress to include a number of important evidence provisions in the rewrite of the nation’s Federal education law, the bipartisan Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  These evidence provisions could shift more than $2 billion in federal education dollars each year to evidence-based solutions.   These accomplishments  paved the way for RFA’s next phase of progress, and for the transition of RFA to an independent 501c3.

Results for America became an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization on October 1, 2016.

RFA continues to collaborate with America Achieves to advance our shared agenda.

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