Through our accelerator model for our carefully selected initiatives, we reach beyond pockets of promise, catalyzing large-scale impact at the systems level and unleashing and sharing exciting potential.

Our Accelerator model’s role is three-fold

Identifying leaders and developing new initiatives

  • Identify innovators and educators who are defining new solutions to complex problems
  • Work with leaders on their ideas, helping them refine their approach, impact model and design strategies to catalyze the policy and other systemic changes required for large-scale impact
  • Provide personalized, ongoing strategic input and comprehensive support to each initiative, developing and improving structure and organizational models

Supporting and accelerating our initiatives to help solve systemic problems

  • Provide access to, and building coalitions with, well-matched partners, experts and funders, and raise funds needed to accelerate initiatives
  • Enable initatives leaders to focus on growing their organizations by providing high-quality back-office support in finance, human resources, administration, and donor relationship management

Creating a community with advanced knowledge of how to accelerate change at a systemic level

  • Build and share knowledge and tools in education and effective systems change
  • Facilitate deeper learning by connecting leaders to each other and to other educators and experts in the America Achieves community
  • Identify, capture and learn from patterns of success, and share best practices through peer learning and engagement

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