Claudia Aguirre has been a member of the New York City Department of Education since 1994. As the principal of Dual Language Middle School since 2003, she has approached every aspect of school improvement and every interaction with students or staff from the same position of urgency and dedication to excellence. To leverage school improvement on all levels, Ms. Aguirre has developed a robust system of ongoing teacher support and professional development including a school wide learning agenda and weekly one-on-one teacher meetings. Ms. Aguirre has also led her staff to take collective responsibility for student literacy by establishing the principle that all teachers are teachers of reading. This precept has been strengthened through the development and implementation of the “Book Club” program, for which the school received a Goldie Anna Award. Ms. Aguirre’s commitment to ongoing teacher education and engagement generate continued breakthrough achievement gains, as evidenced by the school’s distinction as a level “A” school in New York City for seven consecutive years and one of the top middle schools in New York City during 2011-2012.